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What is Craps that is of interest to many bettors around the world? Join 55bmw to learn the content and how to participate in this game.

Introduction to the game

Although it is said to be similar to the game SicBo (over/under), craps have the unique characteristic of not needing a person to manage each bet. In each betting game, there will be a “Shooter” who is chosen to control the betting game. This selected player will be responsible for giving results by rolling 2 dice over two rounds.

Not directly confronting all players is the exciting point of this game. Therefore, you must support or oppose the shooter by placing a bet. The total score of the 2 dice will be the result to determine your victory. A Craps game will have 2 main rounds, and first, the shooter must pass the first round to continue to participate in round 2. At this point, the bet is settled and the player will know the result.

Instructions on how to play Craps for new participants

Rules of the game Craps. Participants must place their bets in the boxes on the betting table when the game starts. At the same time, Shooter will roll the dice for the first time. If the total value of the 2 dice reaches one of the following values: 4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10, the selected person will continue to participate in round 2.

In round 2, the chosen person will roll the dice again, and the total value of the two dice will now determine the win or failure of the bet. If the value of the 2 dice is the same as one of the above numbers, the bet is determined to be over.

The chance to win will belong to players with technical skills and judgment in betting. You will receive and withdraw money as you please, corresponding to the amount you win when choosing the correct dice result. On the contrary, you will lose all your bet money if you decide on the wrong outcome of the dice.

A few essential buttons in Craps

Shimmering and powerful colored chips are placed under each player’s betting table. Players will choose their bet amount by clicking on the chip icon corresponding to the amount they want to bet, and the corresponding amount will be added each time they click.

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Amount to bet per click icon

To adjust the amount you have bet, the amount to bet per click icon is the necessary choice for you. Once you feel the bet level is satisfactory, the player needs to click on the green check mark on the craps table to place your bet. It’s a convenient and helpful button for you when you’re in a hurry or don’t have time to edit each step.

Roll symbol in Craps

The “Roll” or “Roll” button is the button that starts the dice roll when the player is ready. After 4 to 5 short seconds, the results will be displayed by the program. Then the amount of losing cells will be removed from the table, otherwise the winning amount will be increased depending on the reward rate corresponding to the player’s bet and added directly to the player’s account.

What does the Clear button in Craps mean?

To cancel the previously bet amount, the player will have to click the “Clear” or “Delete” button on the betting table interface. Players can quickly start choosing the bet amount from the beginning with this useful feature, without fear of wasting too much time by choosing the wrong bet level.

Through today’s article, readers will undoubtedly understand the answer to the question “What is Craps” and have new and more exciting insights into this field.

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